Libby Macduffee says,  

"Lenny is a fabulous dance teacher, in person or over Zoom. He is great at teaching pros and those like me who have NEVER succeeded in any dance lessons before. I started at the most basic level of learning to move my feet and finding some rhythm in my body. He made it fun and I experienced a feeling of success in every lesson. He is expert at teaching multiple types of dance to students at basic or higher skill levels, building on what they know, and adding to the elegance of their presentation. He meets you where you are, starting with what you can do, and moves you forward gently, but surely to what you never thought you could do!"

   Nina Del Senno says, 

"Wow! Best dance instructor ever! I started taking lessons from Lenny for my son's wedding. I had two left feet and didn't know the steps to any of the dances (Foxtrot, Waltz, Salsa, hustle, etc.) I truly believe that if I did not start out with him I would not have continued with lessons. He has so much patience and makes the lessons so much fun! Now I am hooked and dancing has become one of the most enjoyable activities in my life! I highly recommend him!"

   Alexandra Adams says,             

"Lenny is an amazing dance instructor. I was so nervous to try dance lessons and I thought I would be terrible. Lenny puts you at ease and can teach anyone how to dance well. He is encouraging and professional and makes lessons fun. He is also knowledgeable and can teach multiple different styles of dance. Would highly recommend him."

   Kenneth Krebs says,                                                  

"I am an experienced dancer and I still managed to learn new dance techniques from Lenny. He is one on the best teachers I have ever had."

   Mario Raciti says,                                                        

"I have taken dance lessons with Lenny on and off since 2012. Having taken dance lessons at several dance schools, Lenny’s is the only one I have returned to over and over again. No matter what dance level I have entered his classes at I always found new dance steps and techniques to improve my dancing. Lenny has a way of knowing the right pace to take with his students as they learn, and he makes it fun at the same time. Lenny also goes out of his way in so many ways for his students which I have not seen anywhere else. At dance socials, I have been able to dance with women of all levels, and consistently get complements on my dancing, especially for my ability to lead, which is a critical part of a man’s dancing skills. I credit that to Lenny’s teaching style and the knowledge of social dancing that Lenny has passed on to his students. I highly recommend taking classes with Lenny. If you take classes elsewhere I bet you will always return to Lenny as I have over the years."

  Serge Pierre Pierre says,                                                                                                                            

"Super! Over the years, Lenny is getting better and better. When one of you decides to try classes with Lenny, you won't be disappointed. I am a long time student. Dancing could not be a better hobby or escape from Covid-19. Try him. It will be worth your while"

  Katie Leask Capitulo says, 

"We had a wonderful time taking dance lessons with Lenny. He and his wife are great teachers and dancers. They are also very nice people. We went in the evening and had the opportunity to learn many ballroom dances: swing, waltz, hustle, chacha, samba, just to name a few. Lenny also organized dance parties on weekends which we enjoyed. It was great fun. I highly recommend him."