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Lenny Seasonwein

Lenny Seasonwein loves to dance!

He’s been dancing since age 8 and has danced professionally for more than 40 years. What’s special about Lenny is his passion, patience, and perfection of the art of dance instruction. Dance Lessons by Lenny in Chattanooga, TN, is the place to learn from a passionate and exciting instructor!

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Professional Help for All Levels

An award-winning competitive dancer who’s garnered trophies for Latin, ballroom, and hustle dancing, Lenny has trained hundreds of people to enjoy the sheer joy and pleasure of dancing as well. Join us at Dance Lessons by Lenny on your own dance journey. Whether you’re a bystander on the sidelines who admires good dancing or an intermediate student looking to take your skills and confidence to the next level, Lenny is here to be your dance guide.

How We Got Started

Having developed a reputation as a dancer, Lenny was asked by many of his female friends to accompany them to formal and informal parties. While dancing with them, he would often be asked, “Excuse me—are you a professional?” Embarrassed, Lenny would reply, “No, I just love to dance.” This happened enough that he made up some business cards and developed a sideline business of teaching wedding couples. Lenny originally chose the name “Dance Instruction by Leonardo,” but when the business expanded, he dropped “Leonardo” for his real name to give the business a more authentic and personal feel.

Contact Your Local Dance Professional

You have access to a highly accomplished local dancing master right here in Hamilton County. With the experience and passion that Lenny has for dancing, you’ll always feel comfortable at your dance lessons. We can’t wait to help improve your dancing for a wedding, formal event, or just for fun. Contact Dance Lessons by Lenny for more information today.

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